Frooti is one of India's oldest and most loved juice brands. For the first time in 30 years, they were ready to unveil a new logo (designed by Pentagram). Frooti asked our team to create a visual language and strategy for launching the brand across print, social, web, games, and a TVC.

The goal was to introduce the new packaging in a fresh, bold, and playful way. To do so, we created a miniature world using tiny scaled models of vehicles, people and plant life. Only the Frooti packaging and mangos were kept in real life scale. This allowed the packaging and the mango to appear as the hero of the shots while allowing us to tell stories and add humor. We introduced four bold colors to the brand which complement the yellow of Indian mango and add a sense of playfulness across the imagery.

We also conceptualized & designed brand extensions such as a Frooti recipe website, microsite, a social media strategy, Frooti games, and more. For the television commercial we partnered with Special Guest's Aaron Duffy and director Marc Reisbig and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios who brought this miniature world to life through stop motion animation. In this, the characters find a giant mango while exploring in the desert and try to move the mango, but find no amount of force will make it budge. They then realize its only the power of their collective voice which magically lifts the mango and bursts into the new Frooti bottle. We partnered with Bollywood star, Shahrukh Khan, for the live action scene at the end of the film.

Disciplines: Advertising, Branding, Digital

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Creative Direction / Production / Design: Jessica Walsh
TVC Spot: Sagmeister & Walsh, Special Guest & 1st Ave Machine
Website Design & Animation: Zipeng Zhu
Design: Briony Crane & Marion Lutterberger
Behind the Scenes Video: Scott Carthy
Photography: Henry Hargreaves, Scott Carthy & Marion Luttenberger
Retouching: Briony Crane & Lutz&Schmidt
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